It's hard to tell what I've done more: traveled to Paris, or watched the film, “Midnight in Paris.” Woody Allen's flick is one of my favorite movies of all time to capture the essence of Paris and is a good understanding of why I myself moved abroad. From the opening scene playing “Si Tu Vois Ma Mere” showcasing various scenes of Paris, to the old school Parisian bars and restaurants of the 1920s, Midnight in Paris makes you want to hop on a plane and go.
On my recent trip to Paris I knew I had to seek out some of the iconic scenes and shooting locations from Midnight in Paris as well as some of my favorite quotes from the movie. There are a lot of great quotes about Paris. It's a city that inspires romanticism, drama, and art. But Midnight in Paris has some of my favorite quotes about the city. I'm sharing those right along with the film locations so you can step back in time and enjoy the epic scenery that draws you into the city.
The movie is about Gil, a writer who's obsessed with the past and dreams about Paris' golden age in the 1920s. He's visiting Paris with his bratty fiance and her snobby parents. Gil and Ines (his fiance) shop for over-priced antique chairs, drink fancy wine at swanky rooftop bars, and run in to a couple who they travel and spend time with around Paris.
After all, who wouldn't want to time travel back o the 1920s to sip brandy with the Fitzgeralds, fight with Hemingway, see Picasso's newest work, or get surreal with Dalí? The best part? This movie is mostly historically accurate and these iconic writers and artists lived in Paris at the time. Walking the streets of Paris at Midnight, the strangest thing happens to our protagonist, Gil: an old Peugeot car rolls down the street and Gil enters the past, quite literally. He's transported to the 1920s where he falls in love even more with the city and starts to realize his true dreams. “Can you picture how drop-dead gorgeous this city is in the rain? Imaging this town in the '20s. Paris in the '20s in the rain; the artists and writers.”
“There's no city like this in the world. There never was!” Gil and Inez are in Monet’s Garden in the opening scene, standing on the bridge and admiring where Monet got inspiration for much of his work. Monet’s gardens are an easy day trip from Paris at only about a an hour train or car ride away. Claude Monet's Water Garden, Giverny, Eure, France. It's located across the road from Monet's house at 84 Rue Claude Monet.
“You know, nostalgia is denial. Denial of the painful present.” – Paul talking about how silly Gil's book sounds. Versailles is another must for a day-trip outside of Paris. The historic palace was also the scene for Gil, Inez, and their couple friends to stroll the gardens and argue about Gil’s book. The Palace of Versailles is located in Place d'Armes, 78000 Versailles, France.