Whether you want to see the largest ancient castle in the world, discover the most beer obsessed country, or gawk at some of the most striking architecture in the world – look no further than Prague in the Czech Republic. Prague seems to be on every tourist's radar, and for good reason. But sometimes it's nice to get away from the crowds. So I've come up with 15 things unique things you can do in Prague. Many are not as crowded, but just as interesting. Learn about Slavic history, go on a day trip, and get a different view of this charming city.
This graffiti wall isn't just dedicated to the Beatles star, John Lennon. In the past it's been a symbol of the Czech resistance against the harsh political regime during Communist times. Rebellious youths would share their hopes and dreams and thoughts for their future, as well as what they believed was wrong in their government. It was a sore spot for the secret police, even though they tried covering it up, every day new graffiti was strewn on the wall.
There's never a bad time to be on Charles Bridge. It's easy to get swept up in the magic of the darkened sculptures, the lovely architecture all around you, the hustle and bustle of people, and people selling their crafts. Stepping on Charles Bridge seems like you're entering a different time, back when people made their living selling and haggling for goods.
No matter the weather, you'll find people playing music. Sometimes it's traditional Czech music such as polka, other times it's familiar American classics. It's fun to walk the bridge, listen to the melodies, and find a new souvenir. You can also get your caricature drawn by various artists perched on the bridge eager to capture you.
There are quite a few spots in Prague to get a glimpse at some cool, funky, modern art. You can see the David Černý sculptures that are odd and interesting. Such as the 2 male sculptures peeing over a puddle shaped like the Czech Republic at the Franz Kafka Museum. My favorite is the Head of Franz Kafka which is outside the Quadrio shopping center that swivels and moves.
One of my favorite things I did in Prague was enjoy my lovely hotel. I've said it before, but Asten hotels in Czech Republic are some of the best hotels in the world. Not only is Hotel Klarov, member of Asten Hotels, exceptionally beautiful, but when I walk in I feel like I'm walking into a friend's home. A friend's home who happens to have one of the most beautiful views in the world. The breakfast is truly a highlight of my trip. There's a wide selection of food with homemade breads and cakes, teas, coffee, eggs, sliced meat, cheeses and more. You can eat breakfast in the cozy downstairs space or head outside to the garden. This small garden is an oasis in a busy city like Prague. It's cool and comfortable. You can also order a delicious homemade lemonade, which I highly recommend.
You'll find lovely and thoughtful design elements in well lit, spacious rooms. In Hotel Klarov the rooms are music themed, with each one giving a nod to an important musician. My room, the Elton John room, had a big sofa, large TV, full kitchen, dining table, and of course, a great view of Prague castle. The rooms are clean and sleek with absolutely no noise from the street.
I slept like a baby in our bed, ready to take on the day and the sites of Prague. Hotel Klarov is the perfect romantic escape for couples. We were greeted with a bottle of wine and each picked out books to read while enjoying our beautiful room. You'll find books all over the hotel and you can pick up any that suit your fancy.